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Unified Consulting is a trusted solution provider partner for the world's leading fortune 500 organisations. Based on our years of collated experience and trusted engagement, our customers are assured that Unified Consulting will only ever supply them with the best in class solutions. This is why Unified Consulting will only ever bring forward solutions and services that we have vetted ourselves to ensure our end customers can mutually benefit.


Unified Consulting has been providing business representation and B2B sales engagement services to government agencies, private companies, public companies and embassies over the past decade. Understanding your business even better than you do is at the core of what we do, in doing this we ensure we are best positioned to guarantee only successful engagements. Our company’s main value proposition, at its most fundamental level, is this:

“Companies struggle to get in front of the right people who have an interest in learning more about what they do. We ensure they get there faster and more efficiently”.

We have a wealth of experience in guaranteeing engagements, creating a resonating focus and securing significant deals with key contacts based on our trusted sales engagement process. Through our years of experience we have accumulated and forged relationships with some of the worlds leading multinational business leaders. We work with them on both an ad hoc and an accredited basis.

Take time to reach out today and avail of a free consultation around your business challenges and requirements. The only cost will be time but the rewards will be significant.

About Us

What makes us



We’re a tight knit group of cross-industry sales and marketing specialists who understand that it takes more than the right tools to get a project done, and done right. It also takes vision, grit, and a whole lotta drive. Every member of our team graduated from the school of Get Shit Done—in addition to their graduate and post-graduate studies, of course. We strive to be innovative, bold, and—above all else—authentic.


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Unified Consulting

Enterprise House, Cork Road, Waterford, Ireland

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