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Business Meeting

Local Representation of your Business Interests


Click below to learn more about our 360° Marketing service, from Website, Brand and Logo creation all the way through to customer engagement strategies. Every aspect of your company's needs will be catered for.


Click below to find out how our tried and tested sales process assists sales teams both locally and internationally. Every stage from prospecting to close is encapsulated. Ensuing a 200% increase in ROI.


Click below to learn how we build out your sales process and get in front of the customers you've strived to engage with in the past. Thanks to our years of experience we know what resonates with your end customers.


Click below to learn more about how we can represent your business requirements within Ireland and assist in business growth, contract negotiation and provisioning of services.

Sales Training and Customer Engagement


The Art of Sales

So you know you've got an amazing Product / Idea / Solution, whatever you want to call it. But you don't have the time, skillset, knowledge or experience of how to bring this to market.

Fear not as this is our speciality, whether you want to outsource the engagement strategy completely or require guidance on how best to present and deliver your offering to your target audience, we can help on every level.

Click below to learn more about how we assist companies globally and ensure their ROI increases in a short timeframe.

360° Marketing Strategies For All Levels

360°Marketing on Demand

Whether your requirement is to establish your company presence online or identifying the correct engagement strategy, we can assist at every stage of the process.

Unified Consulting will ensure you:

  • Educate with your content

  • Personalize your marketing messages

  • Manage the data that drives your creative

  • Invest in original research

  • Consistently update your content

  • Enhance your online video presence



Contact Us:

Unified Consulting

Enterprise House, Cork Road, Waterford, Ireland

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